Shoot Report – Long Eaton Field archery – June 2012

Start of Shoot

LEFA announcements

The solstice shoot is famous for being both themed and fun, with this years theme being Robin Hood. Some how appropriate for an archery shoot. Little touches like the wanted posters offering 100 gold pieces for the outlaw were dotted round the wood added to the scene.
The course laying team had worked hard to overcome  problems resulting from the terrible wet weather that hit a couple of days prior to the shoot which had resulted in sections flooded, along with treebranches down across paths.
3D Fox though the trees

3D Fox though the trees

The tracks were very slippery as one person said Torvell and Dean would have found it a challenge.

The course was made up of 40 3D targets with a couple of predator prey shots that were very nicely set.

Another 3D target

3D deer

The course was very well laid with great use of available cover and framing of targets.

Predator Prey Shot
For those not familiar with predator prey targets let me explain. Predator prey shots are ones where you have a predator target positioned to look like its attacking a prey. Here it is a mountain lion against ram.

Close up of Predator PreyWith your first arrow you target the prey, if you are successful in hitting the predator you can then have a bonus arrow at the prey. If you miss the predator with your first arrow you then target the prey with your second arrow, but even if hit the predator with your second arrow, you now don’t get to shoot at the prey.

I’ve said it before that i don’t like lunch breaks when shooting as i tend to go off the boil but on some grounds it is a necessity and lefa is one. Whilst talking food and got to say top marks to all the catering staff for great food, throughout the day. The other thing it did make for was a great atmosphere.

So how did I do? 1 Blank in the afternoon that upset my head and meant that I messed up the next few shots 😦

The only one I blanked on the day. Taken from red peg

The only one I blanked on the day. Taken from red peg

Need to sort this out for my own piece of mind.
I came away with 560 and a 3rd, should have broken 600 on a 40 course.  Score card here.
Score cardSharon shot really well and won ladies Barebow with 682 points
Full results can be found here
Thanks for reading

2 comments on “Shoot Report – Long Eaton Field archery – June 2012

  1. hi,hopefully comming to the solstice shoot with brian and mary hannan (cobra archers)it will be my first competition,so nervously looking forward to what seems to be an enjoyable day,regards john.


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