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An absence of 3D shoot report

Some of the 3Ds decided to try and make a break for it

Some of the 3Ds decided to try and make a break for it

I hope this post finds you all in good health. I didn’t want this weekend to pass without some form of post. It’s a strange time and I have little doubt it will be seen as a strange period in human history.

Normally at this time as we approach the late May bank holiday weekend arrive in the UK, hundreds of archers would be doing their final preparation for the travelling to the NFAS 3D championships. This event would see anything between 400 to 700 archers shooting multiple 3D course. The event is far more than 2 days of shooting, it’s a major social event giving people the opportunity to see friends they might only see once a year.

For those interested I’ve included a few links to previous years events.

Shoot Report – National Field Archery Society Championships – May 2018

The madness  behind the scenes of setting a 3D champs course

Shoot report – NFAS 3D Championships 2016

Shoot Report – NFAS 3D Championships 2016 – day 2

Of course, this year things are very different. Instead of these preparations many clubs across the country are working hard, reviewing risk assessments, updating them to include factors to cover the risks posed by COVID-19. Preparing courses or ranges in the hope of being able to welcome their club members back. We are trying to work out how we can accommodate people safely, following the government and society guidelines.

For now, as always, I thank you for reading, but I feel more importantly I wish you all good health. Stay safe, stay well.

bows of Selection

Turning the lockdown into an opportunity

With many of us in isolation, lockdown or simply finding more time on our hands due to COVID-19, it might be easy to go a little stir crazy.
So why not use this time productively in some way, you could improve your knowledge or fix up your archery gear, maybe make some new arrows. The thing is the possibilities are endless and it can help your mental health too.
With this in mind I thought I might post a list of different things you could do based on some articles I’ve written over the years.
Catch up on your reading
The other week I posted a list of books I have reviewed and wanted to share, not all archery related, but I think are worth a read Home isolation opportunities
P.S. John Hudson has just put out a book as a free download on how to survive a pandemic. Don’t worry its not a survival guide more about simple advice like don’t get hung up on every news report. (https://www.johnhudsonsurvival.com/)
Arrow making and repairs

If you have somewhere safe to be able to shoot, I’ve included a couple of links to some simple tips on range based exercises.

This is a tough time for many of us, largely because we are both social creatures and enjoy spending time outdoors enjoying our chosen hobby.

One thing I have found has helped me is unplugging from social media or rather the constant updates, news reports etc. I’ve taken to switching the phone off for a few hours and going to do some digging in the garden, reading a book or doing some online learning / research on topics that interest me. I feel better for doing this and having some down time.

Sure I’m still using Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp to keep in touch with friends and family. I’ve even got my 77 year old Mam on WhatsApp! The important thing is I’m not letting the constant deluge of stories fill my new found free time.

Stay safe and thanks for reading.