Old wolf

Original rule of 6 had nothing to do with COVID-19

Old wolf

old wolf – just because I like the photo

It was a concept I think I heard of years ago and think it was north American Indian culture from memory. though I may well be wrong. It was concerning looking at something, a problem or concept and identifying 6 possible reasons, outcomes or possible rationales for actions. Effectively expanding your understanding and perception of the activities

So, if you take this onboard I have found it very useful when looking at computer systems, working processes and from coaching. Some of the ideas might be pretty straight forward or sensible others might be more out of the box, but it is a good exercise to broaden your perspective.

To give you an example of what I mean let’s look at why someone might post something on Facebook or a blog

  1. To share their thoughts / experiences – we are social creatures and some like to share ideas, concerns and thoughts.
  2. To be seen as knowledgeable in an area – possibly when talking about specific topics or theories, often something seen in work places.
  3. To building their fan base – you see this with internet social influencers, they wish to boost their own presence or perceived standing online or in the specific area, whether they have knowledge in the area or not.
  4. They might be trying to build self-confidence – COVID-19 has seen an impact on the mental health of many and some might find posting on social media or other sites help boost confidence.
  5. Doom bringers – some come across as always wanting to be negative and pull everyone down, destroy ideas.
  6. Like to hear own voice – possible gregarious and like talking and expressing views on everything.

As I have said I have a tendency of doing this, I would say almost naturally in that I do try and look at things from multiple angles, I think partly due to my struggles with health and education over the years, from childhood and onward. I have found this approach useful when coaching archery and in my working life.

So why am I talking about this?

The last few months have not been easy for many people and the new restrictions of group sizes due to arrive on the 14th of September in the UK, local lockdowns, return to office work after working from home, and more  is affecting lots of people so my example 4 of self-confidence is possibly even more important.

Lots of people are struggling with their stress levels, physical and more importantly mental health. I know personally I have been and am struggling a bit, probably more than a bit, if I am truly honest. I miss being out and about in woods. I really miss the coaching and social interactions that come with helping people. I think that was one of the instigators of me starting the podcasts in an attempt to reach out and support people.

I started this site and more recently podcasts to share thoughts and experiences, not to be seen as knowledgeable or expert,  as the one thing I have learnt is the more you learn, the more there is to know. I have no interest in being a social influencer and despite what some think I don’t want to be negative or enjoy hearing my own voice. Yes, I often see the possible problems but this is because I want to be aware of them and have counter measures, plans or ideas to overcome them. A problem shared is sometimes a problem halved as others contribute to the solution or offer support.

So, next time when you read something, hear something or have a problem to solve, take a moment and try to note down 6 options. You might not be able to come up with 6 initially, but over time you will find you broaden your perspective. You never know it might help.

Stay safe, stay well and thanks for reading.