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2 years on, thanks for listening

19th of June 2020 was the date I posted the very first podcast. It seems strange now to think it was 2 years ago and I am now over 40 episodes down the line. I’m hoping you have found it useful.

I started the podcasts as an experiment, much like my website. It was inspired by other podcasters like The Push, High Power Archery, Barebow Archery, Archery Geek Outdoors and others.

The goal, then as it is now was to promote my hobby of field archery, offering tips and advice. I hope I’ve been successful in helping and promoting the hobby, which in some ways is a lot less well know than target archery, some would describe it as an under ground hobby. You, the listeners are the best judge of whether they have been useful. Have you enjoyed them? I do hope so and I hope they have helped in some small way.

Looking back at the topics I’ve covered it’s pretty diverse, from steps to overcome target panic, to thoughts on course laying, tips on improving shooting your shooting or shot sequence.

It can be pretty difficult to keep coming up with ideas and topics, while keeping it all fresh. Having said that I think one of the things I really do enjoy is replying to followers questions so, if you have any let me know.

The podcasts are available on 

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/show/1kJbhdoxrufx5SfpVVXxnw

Anchor https://anchor.fm/off-the-arrow-shelf

RSS feed https://anchor.fm/s/27417c5c/podcast/rss

So what of the future? Well ‘m not sure. I’d still like to have guest on providing their views on the hobby.

Well thanks for listening and supporting this site and the podcasts.