A course track leading up to targets 11 and beyond

An absence of 3D shoot report

Some of the 3Ds decided to try and make a break for it

Some of the 3Ds decided to try and make a break for it

I hope this post finds you all in good health. I didn’t want this weekend to pass without some form of post. It’s a strange time and I have little doubt it will be seen as a strange period in human history.

Normally at this time as we approach the late May bank holiday weekend arrive in the UK, hundreds of archers would be doing their final preparation for the travelling to the NFAS 3D championships. This event would see anything between 400 to 700 archers shooting multiple 3D course. The event is far more than 2 days of shooting, it’s a major social event giving people the opportunity to see friends they might only see once a year.

For those interested I’ve included a few links to previous years events.

Shoot Report – National Field Archery Society Championships – May 2018

The madness  behind the scenes of setting a 3D champs course

Shoot report – NFAS 3D Championships 2016

Shoot Report – NFAS 3D Championships 2016 – day 2

Of course, this year things are very different. Instead of these preparations many clubs across the country are working hard, reviewing risk assessments, updating them to include factors to cover the risks posed by COVID-19. Preparing courses or ranges in the hope of being able to welcome their club members back. We are trying to work out how we can accommodate people safely, following the government and society guidelines.

For now, as always, I thank you for reading, but I feel more importantly I wish you all good health. Stay safe, stay well.

Impact of COVID-19 on archery clubs

Apologies for not getting much material out there at present. I’m trying to finish off the series on target panic and hope to have a “walk with Roger Massey” out in the next few weeks.

What little time I have spare is being spent on trying to work on the logistics of whether we can open our clubs field range safely based on current government guidelines.

This involves both risk assessment paperwork for insurance requirements and trying to identify work rounds for the physical limitations of the sites access routes etc. I think we will have to go down the route of bookable time slots due to restrictions of parking space and range spacing.

I would be interested in hearing from any clubs that are going through the same process as I now there is a push by many to get people out shooting again.

The National Field Archery Society has posted some guidelines on their website (https://nfas.net/) for clubs looking to open their grounds.

This is from ArcheryGB site for reference

Thanks for reading and stay safe everyone.