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Do you shoot Instinctively at all distances

I’ve tried to create this online survey for peoples thoughts on instinctive shooting and distance judgement. This is a follow up to earlier post on instinctive shooting on my Facebook page, where some commented that they shot instinctively up to a certain distance and then swapped to a more gap shooting approach.

Please feel free to share this with others and add comments below. It’s not overly scientific as there is only 1 question but it is a start.

Thanks for support on this

One comment on “Do you shoot Instinctively at all distances

  1. I think the definition of “instinctive” is quite hard to define. Arguably, it would be an instance where the draw and loose is one smooth action with no pause at full draw to aim.

    Due to TP my shot sequence at all distances is essentially instinctive by this definition (albeit not always “smooth”!), but I DO align my arrow at pre-draw.

    It is entirely possible this preliminary alignment exacerbates my TP as I suspect it’s just a green light to to my brain!

    I’m working my way through “Controlled Process Shooting”…. slowly… so it will be interesting to see whether this is a contributary factor.

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