Another weekend drew to a close without the opportunity to shoot. This is becoming less of an archery blog and more a general blog.

So this weekend saw me travel up to Warrington to attend the NFAS AGM. The good news was it did give me the opportunity to stay over in Wales to see my Mam.

Part of the reason I was attending the AGM was to hear the debate on the use of binoculars. This proposal would see any archer being able to use binos to identify scoring zones etc. The topic was highly debated with some archers feeling that it would spoil shooting or it could promote the use of binos for cheating etc

Personally as an instinctive archer who has never managed to suss gap shooting, I have no problem with binos

Anyway we will have to see what the members decide to vote for.

Next weekend will be archery free too, sadly. Though I do get to pop over and see some friends for their birthday bash, so not a loss.

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