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9 years and still going

Off the Arrow Shelf Podcasts

Off the Arrow Shelf Podcasts

It seems crazy to think that I started this blog 9 years ago. I have to say the first few posts weren’t my best and I hope you feel they have improved over the years. So before a huge thank you to all who have supported me over the years. In fact the first post was just saying I was going to the woods with my new bow, my Blackbrook flatbow

It seems appropriate to promote on this anniversary a development with the site. As some of you may know I have started to record podcasts on a variety of topics.

These are available on a number of platforms and I have included links below.



Google Podcasts


Pocket Casts



I am hoping that people will find them of interest. It has been something I have been thinking about doing for a while and I don’t think I’d be lying in saying I was more than a little nervous about the idea as there are some great podcasts on archery already out there.

Initially I will be looking at creating some podcasts based on topics I have covered here. So, the next few will be on the Archers Triangle. I am hoping to do a few on coaching tips such as shot sequence and maybe arrow builds.  As always if there is anything you would like to comment on let me know.

I will still be writing for this site.

Anyway, thanks for reading and maybe listening.

Off the Arrow Shelf Podcasts

A new development for me

Hi everyone. I wanted to share a development I am looking at for Off the Arrow Shelf.

Having been a listener for several years to different podcasts such as The Push, Nock On, Barebow Archery and most recently Archery Geek Outdoors, I thought I might give podcasting a go. So, I am looking at creating a few podcasts. At present it is a bit of a trial as I’m not sure how well it will go, but let see.

I am very fortunate to have a number of people that have helped me out over the years with this site from bouncing ideas off, to helping me with interviews and more. One person I’d like to say special thanks to with respect to the podcasts is Richard Clarke.

I’ve uploaded a few podcasts initially, just as a start. Let me know what you think or have any ideas on topics. I am wondering about doing some on target panic or maybe on wooden arrow construction based on my experiences.

You can listen to the podcasts on Spotify just search for off the arrow shelf and it’s on RSS link is here.

I’m not planning on stopping writing this site, but I am looking at trying to expand it if I have the time. For now though its a bit of an experiment. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading and listening.