Balance point of arrows – or a simple hack

A friend posted this on our clubs Facebook site and I thought it was a really simple and great idea, so I thought I would share it with all my readers, but as I said to him on Sunday. “I hope its not your best carving knife.

life hack for arrow balancing

life hack for arrow balancing

When trying to identify the balance point of your newly made wooden arrows it can prove very fiddly and there are lots of people and sites that suggest you can bend a piece of metal at a right angle etc. and use that. Well here is a very simple and quick way of doing this. Only one piece of advice take care and not to damage the arrow on the blade if its sharp…
As the “designer”  says is a “Simple hack and I’m sure you’ve all got this already. I was looking for a way to mark the balance point of my arrows and came up with the “ram a sharp knife into a block of wood” method.
Patent pending.
Surprising how different they all are!” Nice one Campbell
Thanks for reading.

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