Literature Review – Field Archer News UK

October November 2016

October November 2016

There are numerous books and magazines on all aspects of archery from the target side of the sport, to hunting magazines, the latter being very popular overseas where hunting with a bow is legal. Though there are few magazines covering elements of the field archery side of the hobby there are even less that cover the UK in depth. That is until now with the recent launch of the free on-line magazine Field Archer News UK (FANUK).
With the growth of on-line material there has been a development of e-magazines and publications providing either a fully on-line version or a downloadable option.
FANUK is exploiting these e-publications and provides a good read for those field archers in the UK wanting to know what’s going on. Before I get started giving a review I feel it is important that I state I could be considered as being a little biased as the latest edition has run with an article I submitted. Have a read and let me know what you think.
The magazine is produced every couple of months and is free to view online or download as a pdf. FANUK is new entry to the media world and has just published its third instalment, so it is still early days at present for them, but I think it is fair to say it is looking good so far.

August September 2016 edition

August September 2016 edition

So what about the content and look?
The magazine is in full colour with lots of event photos and glossy adverts from archery suppliers across the country. It tries to provide a breadth of different topics to appeal to all possible readers from novice to experienced.
Content covers the traditional shoot reports of events in the Field archery calendar, with submissions from course layers and clubs. In the latest there is a write up by the organisers of the NFAS Welsh Championships held earlier this year. ( You can read the review I wrote of the event here on this blog if you like)
Other articles cover personal experiences in archery, along with articles on the history of the sport.
Guest writers have produced some interesting articles including one by Pip Bickerstaffe on the different woods used in longbow construction.

Sample article

Sample article

This touches on another important point, such magazines require the support from not just readers and advertisers but contributors writing articles.
Launching a magazine of this nature is a very brave thing to do and I wish them all the success in the world.
I think having a magazine that focuses on the UK field archery scene is a very much of a niche market but something that could work if it receives sufficient support.
I’ve provided the link to the magazine’s website here and suggest you sign up and have a look at some of the past editions.
If the magazine can keep generating a good mix of articles I think it should keep many field archers well informed, but of course that makes sense as it is called Field Archery News.
I think the only downside to the publications is that it is an e-publication. Yes, you can call me old fashioned but I quite like having a paper copy and thumbing through them physically rather than hitting the page down button. Here’s hoping they can continue.
Thanks for reading.

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