Injury and archery

I’m sure many reading this have seen photos of injuries associated with archery. Some of you may have been injured yourself or patched people up.

Sharon recently injured her right hand in a bicycling accident. On further investigation at hospital it transpired she had fractured her ring finger either side of the first joint.

Sharons hand

Sharons’ hand, the swelling and bruising has gone down.

For those of you with medical knowledge it is the intermediate phalanges and proximal phalanges  which I think is the metacarphalangeal joint.

Though this is a minor injury. The bone is not broken all the way across, but is broken in 2 places, it will result in no shooting for minimum 4-6 weeks as the bones knit back together. She is not a happy archer and keeps hinting at stringing bow in couple of weeks. To which she gets a stern telling off.

  • Don’t rush back and expect to perform at same level.
  • Give your body time to heal – rushing back to shoot may result in complicating your injury

Putting pressure on healing limbs or muscles is BAD idea. Consider this. When you draw up you are putting pressure on your 3 fingers. Depending on your personal draw and technique you might exert slightly more pressure on say your ring finger than your index or vice-versa. Either way, if one is injured you must give time for your body to heal.

Sharon Shooting

Sharon Shooting a few weeks ago

I presently have a not very happy archer, but I would rather a not very happy archer for a couple of weeks than an injured archer for a few months.

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3 comments on “Injury and archery

  1. Feel better soon Sharon! P.s. Your bow is lovely. While it might be a bummer you’re injured and can’t shoot, it will always be waiting there for you to come back 🙂


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