Richard Head Longbows video – Reusing arrow heads and points

There is an old saying “Great minds think alike.” The problem is the second part of that phrase is “fools seldom differ.” Some of you might recall I wrote an article in September 2015 giving  advice on removing broken wooden arrow tips from inside your arrow pile.
Well Richard Head Longbows have produced a video on their channel on how they suggest to remove piles which is worth a view. (
Their process is slightly different but works just as well. One additional thing is if you use either method make sure you clean the inside of the pile, removing any glue residue before reusing it.
By the way I’m going with the great minds think alike.
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The Tradlab and the Push podcasts

The Tradlab

Some of you will remember me writing an article on The Push podcasts and how useful I have found some of their coaching material. I’ve continued to listen to them and wanted to share a development on a series of podcasts focusing on arrows and the work the Cody Greenwood has been doing at the TradLab (
Specific details can be found here ( under the Tradlab Studies section of website.
Whilst the data can come across as pretty technical the podcasts are well worth a listen. The main take home being give some more thought to your fletching sizes and configurations. I have found the aspect of fletching size very interesting as I have been playing around with the different options and combinations myself, though not tried 4 fletch.
Have a listen and let me know what you think.
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