What is a club, more than a place to shoot!

No I’m not talking golf, this an archery blog after all.

I believe a club is far more than somewhere you turn up once or maybe twice a week, shoot a few arrows and maybe chat with other archers.

Clubs are made up of groups of individuals with a common interest, archery. How they approach these interests will also be individual but it is a common interest. If you have either been involved with any club or organisation you will know there are always a few characters in every club.

One thing to remember in any or all clubs, no matter its size, needs the support from members.

So far in our archery life we have been actively involved with 2 clubs (Black Arrow and Artemis both being Derbyshire based) With moving house last July we have left these two behind and joined Severn Valley. That is not to say we have forgotten about them. I still get emails and calls from colleagues at these clubs to swap notes and ask advice.

Like people clubs have their own personality and characteristics. Some might be very traditional, favouring traditional style bows, other clubs might be competitive, or interested in new styles of bows or the latest compound gadget and sight, but they are all there to support the archer.


Black Arrow  is a small club with a small but very challenging course on a hillside. If you want to learn how to shoot up, down or across a hillside its a great proving ground. Largely a wooden arrow club with many fine longbow and recurve archers.


Artemis based not far from Belper, might be familiar to EFAA archers as they have both a NFAS course and EFAA course. Artemis are also well-known on the circuit having run a few shoots and laying a course at national championships.


So the new club  to us is Severn Valley, one of the oldest field archery clubs in the UK. It is due to celebrate its 60th anniversary later this year.autumn-shooting01

Likewise membership of a club is commitment by the individual to the club and supporting its activities, whether those activities be running shoots, laying courses, running have a go sessions at country fates or shows, or doing the hard work down the wood repairing target bosses, digging in steps, clearing snow in the winter, clearing undergrowth in the summer.

BAFAC workday

Club need members to help out

Charles blog has a recent entry on how individuals efforts can support a club or a shoot.

So if you are a member of club may I suggest that you make a new years resolution that you do your best to support your club and its executive body.

Thanks for reading.

Artemis Shoot

So it has been awhile since I last posted, sorry for that. Last weekend (5th-6th of November) saw me camping in a field just north of Belper in Derbyshire, helping out at the Artemis Archers shoot.

This was their first NFAS shoot and because of the vandalism that the site has suffered from recently a few of us braved the cold November night and camped out, patrolling the 20 acres of woods until the early hours to make sure no undesirables tried to trash the place. It must be said that is was a little cold that night and I was very grateful for my sleeping bag which kept me warm through the night.

I’ve uploaded a few photos from the day here https://picasaweb.google.com/111701601294639380446/ArtemisShoot?authuser=0&feat=directlink

It proved a great day with over 130 archers attending the shoot enjoying the wide mix of targets and ranges, ranging from over 60 yards to under 10 yards. The club had chosen a mix of target faces including Martin, Delta, JVD and the new ones from Flybow (DFSV faces) and some of the new range from Merlin Archery  too. One thing I thought was a great idea was a display at admin with images of all the target faces on, showing the scoring zones. Since many people hadn’t seen them before it gave people the opportunity to have a look and idea of where to aim for.

The photo below shows the longest shot in the wood. Over 60 yards across a small valley to the target (brown bear) which was the one I was helping Marshall at.artemis archers famous long shot

Feedback has been really good following the shoot and I hope to be able to get the chance to shoot the course sometime soon, rather than just marshal it. Bye for now