Wooden Arrow survey

Calling all readers for some help with a bit of archery related research.

Fellow NFAS archer Andy is doing a project to find out what materials and options people use for wooden arrows. He has created a simple 10 question survey and is trying to get as many people as possible to complete it.

So if you shoot wooden arrows could help him out.


For those of you concerned about storage of personal information Andy has stated

“It’s all anonymous, so no personal data is collected and there is no sign up or emails address needed.”

Thanks for reading.

New toy – tapering jig for wooden arrows

I recently saw at one of the trade stands at the 3D champs retailer selling tapering jigs.

Taper jig

Taper jig

Lee Philips has produced a jig that allows arrow makers to taper wooden shafts down for barreling of arrows. Sadly I didn’t get chance to buy one at the event but ordered one which arrived at the weekend.

I’m yet to use it but am very impressed by the construction, just need to find some shafts to try it out.

close up of taper jig

close up of taper jig, you can see the feed into the sanding blocks

Will give a full review once I’ve tried it out.