I went, I shot and kind of conquered

So Sunday saw me venture to Pines Park  http://www.pinesparkarchers.org.uk/ NFAS shoot just outside Nottingham. 40 3D targets and only 11 arrows. The new course is a little long as far as walking round the woods concerned, but has been designed so you walk past catering a couple of times making it a shoot through.

To say I was a little apprehensive as I had 11 arrows, and the day before I had only managed to shoot 10 targets before my shoulder gave out. 3 targets in and I was one arrow down with the pile coming off, a second one also came off after another 10 targets. Think I will have to look at the glue I‘m using.

I managed all 40 targets, though was wondering if I would at the midway point. I had 2 blanks over the day and came in with 580 in total. Not great, but ok I guess, considering the number of pain killers I was taking, I think I would have failed a drugs test 😉

Shoulder was knotting up after about 20 targets, and was aching lots last night and is very stiff today. Not helped by a restless nights sleep.

Sharon did really well scoring 600 and getting 2nd place, despite her thinking she wasn’t shooting well.

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