To the woods we go

Ok so weekend is nearly here and that means practice time at the woods on Saturday and then shooting at Lyme Valley NFAS shoot Sunday. If I get the chance I’ll give a right up of the Sunday shoot.

Going to give the Flatbow another go, but still very nervous about how my shoulder is going to cope. But the weather is looking good for Sunday which is a bonus.

Hope to have my new arrows finished tonight as I’ve been busy making a few up over last couple of evenings. I’ve changed my fletching jig position to give a slight twist to the fletching as I’ve read this might increase stability.

Also I’m thinking of making up some arrows with 3 inch fletchings rather than the 4 inch I’m using at present. The shorter fletching should make them faster as there is less drag, but I’m a little worried that they won’t be as forgiving on a bad release as the 4”.

Time will tell, that along with practice.

By Rob Jones Posted in Clubs

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