Severn Valley Yeoman Foresters shoot report

Severn Valley Yeoman Foresters
22nd of April 2012

Archers gathering at the start
SVYF club located near Droitwich, Worcester, is a bit of a drive from Leicester, but last Sunday saw us pack the car and leave in the hope of dry weather. The forecast was not looking great and memories of pulling arrows out of the swamp were resurfacing. Hopefully it would be only light showers, hopefully.

There were some 200 archers all hoping it would stay dry  which it did until the heaven opened at about 3. Fortunately it didn’t Last too long.

It was a 40 targets with a mix of 3D and paper faces, mostly 3Ds. With 3 groups setting sections of the course we wondered what it would be like, well it worked and worked well. The course flowed well with a couple of stops for grub, we generally weren’t waiting at targets for long. As for the course there was a nice mix of shots and interesting use of terrain with some larger targets close that threw your judgement. Nice to no target faces or 3Ds repeated on the course.

The course is based in woodland surrounding a swampy area so if you go in summer watch out for the midges and mosquitoes as I know I got bit. There are a few long shots but generally a good mix, with the challenge being not the distance but the judement of distance. The course makes the most of the limited height, so despite it being a mostly flat course there are a few shots that make you have to allow for height. Sorry there aren’t any photos, I was tryign to keep camera dry.

As always the SVYF provide a great shoot in short, with excellent catering (love the venison burgers).

 Sharon did well with over 600 points and getting a first place in ladies bare bow. Congratulation to fellow Black Arrow archer young Ben too who got a second place.
If anyone reading this can tell me where  a full set of the results are posted please let me know.

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