Work day at wood, tired but worth it

So no competitions this weekend, though with this weather i’m not surprised. Just heard that the local shoot was stopped part way through after a couple of branches came down in the woods. The good news was no one was hurt.

Thankfully it stayed dry for the workday at Black Arrow (BAFAC), wood which was Saturday. Sharon and I spent the day at the wood  working with other members updating and improving the course.  We got there just before 10 and left at just after 6, so was a long day, but did manage to get some shooting in too.

The goal was to work from 10 until 1 updating course, maintaining access paths etc. In reality most of us worked until 2.

Well in those  hours all who turned  have managed to  change 8 of the 20 targets, updating 7 (moving shooting pegs etc or in one setting up a completely new target.)

It was really great to see members working together to improve the site.

Big thanks to all that helped. I think it has improved the course no end.

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