Pulling Arrows a few tips and thoughts

Ok so it sounds easy, grab hold of the end not in the target and pull.

Well yes you can do that but you run the risk of bending the arrow or worse snapping it, resulting in a broken arrow and possible injury to yourself. I must admit to cringing sometimes when I see archers pull arrows from a boss or 3D target.

I’ve seen carbon arrows snap resulting in the archer slicing his finger open. (I’ve had to patch them up too when this has happened) or wooden arrows bending into a banana as someone is a little over zealous when drawing them.

So I thought I would write an entry on what I see is a safer ways of drawing arrows. It was something that was stressed at the NFAS coaching course I did, but it still amazes me that not everyone does it safely.

Please remember these are my views and personal advice.

Before I go any further I would say it is worth investing in an arrow puller or grip as this gives you greater grip on to the arrow. In the case of carbon arrows it also reduces the risk of getting carbon splinters.

Drawing the arrow – dos and don’ts explained

First off its important that all archers get to  see where their shots have landed in the target. In a competition you shouldn’t touch any arrows until the scores have been taken and agreed.

Always ask if its ok to draw other archers arrows, some people will want to draw their own arrows.

Always check behind you before you draw. Never stand directly in front of boss or target,  as the person drawing may not see you and poke you with arrow they are drawing.

As with everything there is a right way and several wrong ways to do things, this is the same as with pulling arrows.

Drawing arrows badly

Drawing arrows badly

Never grab from the end as this will result in bending or snapping the arrow. The method shown in the picture above will result in bent or broken arrow. Always hold at base of arrow never the end

Never use your thumb on top as this can lead to bending arrow

The method shown in the picture below with the thumb on top of arrow will result in force being applied downwards and this can cause it to bend.

gripping arrow

Gripping arrow using your thumb

Always put palm on the boss and pull with other hand

The method shown in the picture below is what I advise as the correct way, grasping arrow with fingers (not using the thumb)  and other hand on target. By holding the target with the other hand you can judge how stable it is.

I’ve seen archers pull and arrow and the boss or 3D target fall on them as it wasn’t well secured or stable.

Drawing arrows

Drawing arrows with one hand on the boss to steady it

Last piece of advice would be to put your bow down somewhere safe before you start drawing arrows. Avoiding putting them on top of the target as they can easily fall and become damaged.

Hope  you find this of use, and please add any comments or feedback.

As always thanks for reading.

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