Shoot Report – Wolverine September 2012

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve last shot Wolverine course, but last weekend we headed up there. Situated just past stoke it took a little over an hours drive from the new house, though the rain showers we drove through made us wonder if it was going to be a dry day..
The course itself is mostly on a large wooded hillside with paths criss-crossing and lots of up and down shots. We were all grateful that the rain stayed away as the paths would have been very slippery otherwise.
The course layers have a reputation for laying a challenging course and they lived up to this reputation on the day. It was a very well laid course making great use of deadground to make you under or over estimate the distances to the target.
Our shooting group was made up of Paul Jones (from North Wales club shooting Compound unlimited) Sharon and Bob Davies a Black Arrow member shooting his Longbow.
Sharon and Bob

Sharon and Bob

It was really good to catch up with Bob and Jim from Black Arrow who we also saw and was shooting in the group infront, as we’d not seen them since moving house. Jim is doing well with his new Flatbow, and I had the opportunity to chat with him about his new arrows.

He’s bought some arrows from Dreamcatcher arrows and I must say they look great and not overly pricey form what Jim said.

There were about 180 archers there and it ran very smoothly with no long hold ups.
Back to the course and shooting. Not great start blanking the first target, despite hitting it twice the arrows glanced off twice!! One either side of a small 3d partridge. One of the new part 3d targets where other it only a 3d from the front. Our second target was a standing bear, through the trees.

Paul shooting Standing bear

Paul shooting Standing bear target 2

Bob Shooting 3d Deer

Bob Shooting 3d Deer in the afternoon

The real downer on the day and made me really angry was at the lunch break, when an inconsiderate archer who had stopped early so he could get to the lunch tent walked across my shooting line when I was drawing up. It was dangerous and ignorant.

How Far is Kong

As always they had Kong out this time at about 77-80 yards. Kong is a huge home made gorilla 3d target over 11ft tall  which they placed in a field. Banked it with first falling between legs and 2&3 drifting left. The video below gives you an idea of distance and size

The course was mainly 3d targets with a few paper faces.
Liked the standing bear paper face, looked really good and well placed.
Sharon shoot at 3D

Sharon shoot at 3D

Sharon did well winning Ladies Barebow. Though she did get some lucky shots, with her arrows just staying in the target.
Sharons arrow

Sharons arrow is the top one.

I would like to say that I had shot well, but truthfully I shot terribly at a level I have not shot since starting. It has been a real confidence hit and I’m not sure what I will do. I don’t know whether to continue with flatbow or go back to Hunting tackle. Either way I really need to improve 😦
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