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victoryaSport should be about participation and physical fitness, not solely about winning. Archery is a sport you can participate in for your entire life. One of the things my coach always told me was there is a real danger of achieving success too earlier in young archers. Young kids sometimes get use to winning, and they start to expect it. They never expect to have to work at it again to win and archery (and sport in general) loses more participants that way than any other.
As a national level athlete, everyone expects me to win all the time. I sometimes want to yell out “It just doesn’t work that way”. There is very little difference between top level athletes and it is more than a game of inches. As you develop into one of those athletes that are lucky enough to gain sponsorship, there is even more pressure…

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  1. Paragraph 1 says it all for me.
    We hear a lot about “sport” participation in the UK, especially after hosting this years olympic games, ….& how we (the govt) should be spending more etc. …..about clinically obese kids doing more “sport”!
    No! They need an “activity” in which they can develop in many different ways, at a pace, competition or not & participation level that suits them
    ….that gets them away from their “friends” (?) on FB or similar & their PC/mobile device/game console – centric life.
    Make real face-to-face friends, go “out” & do things in the “real” not “virtual” world.


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