snow, snow, and some more snow

This has nothing to do with archery and simply a series of pictures of my walk home on Friday. The UK doesn’t get snow that often and in turn often suffers from not always being prepared.

The weather forecast had been predicting snow for a few days but it still caused problems. Despite this many of us managed to get to work. Having said that I did head in prepared with my winter walking gear (walking boots, lined trousers, hot drinks etc)

The first picture is taken at the train station at about 7:30 am when I had walked there from the house, not too bad yet.

taken on way to work

taken on way to work

8:30 am and here are the next photos taken from my office window, it had only just started to fall any amount

8-30 am

by 9:40 Birmingham was seeing heavy snow fall

9-30 am, note the snow on cars

View from office at 9:30 am, note the snow on cars

 At 1 pm an email went out saying managers could allow staff to go home early due to weather. My next train was at  2 pm so I headed to the train station, and this was where these were taken.

university station from walkway

university station from walkway

university station from platform

university station from platform

Unfortunately because the previous train had been cancelled when the 2 pm train arrived (late) it was already packed and no-one could get on. Option left was to wait for the 3 pm train or catch a different train and have about a 3.5-4 mile walk home via country lanes.

Me being me I chose to walk and in some ways so glad I did. Okay so walking 4 miles in snow might not be everyone’s idea of fun, but to put it simply I love cold weather. It also gave me an opportunity for a country walk and this is where these photos were taken.

Starting walk home

Starting walk home

snowy train

snowy tree

snowy lane

snowy lane

snowy field

snowy field

And finally got home. Have had about 4-5 inches (10-12 cms) of snow since 7:30 am


Just like to say a big thanks to all the workers and volunteers who have kept UK going, whether it be rail service, gritting roads, meals on wheels or emergency services, thanks.

Hope you like them and for those of you out in the cold, keep safe and stay warm, thanks for reading.

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