Wet weather and floods

As some of you maybe aware the UK has been hit over the last few weeks with heavy rain and high winds. Its been not so much white Christmas more wet and windy.

This has resulted in severe flooding in several areas with trees and numerous tree branches down across roads anf railways.

It has had a significant impact on the archery wood too. Numerous branches have come down with a few trees down in neighbouring fields.

As the wood has several overgrown ponds and collects the run off from local fields we are seeing a lot of brown coloured run off water flowing into the wood.

Flooded ponds

Flooded ponds

Several of the bridges that criss cross our woods small streams are nearly submerged. The photo shows one barely above the water.

Nearly under water

Nearly under water

I took this video from the bank behind our club house and normally there is a small stream at both ends of the bridge. As you can see it is hard to see where the stream starts.

More bad weather is forecast in the next few days, so our hopes and best wishes go out to all those families facing an uncertain future.

Thanks for reading.

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