Daily Decrease in Archery

Very good advice in this post, thanks for sharing.
If you focus on removing a single flaw in your technique each time you practice and very soon you will see the benefits.

3D Archery with Gregory Richards


Besides archery, I’m have been training in the martial arts for the past 20 years, first in Tae Kwon Do, then in Kickboxing and Iaido (Samurai Sword). In the martial arts, Bruce Lee has to be one of the most quoted people and most of the time they get the quote wrong or they misinterpret it.

One “mantra” that he had was “Daily Decrease”. People took this to mean to train in less each day. But what he really meant and it applies to archery is that each day you should strive to eliminate something that you’re doing that hurts your performance. Instead of approaching your training as trying to “get better”, you should focus your training on Eliminating the “holes” in your technique. This is how you will become better. 

Jimmy Johnson, the Football coach has said that it is not always the team that makes the biggest plays…

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