What is Traditional Archery?

Great post with some interesting thoughts and questions.

3D Archery with Gregory Richards


Lately on Facebook and on several other forums I have been reading dust ups with people stating that something is or is not Traditional Archery and this got me to thinking, what is traditional Archery? Once I thought about I realized just how tough it is to “label” or “classify”. What I did come up with was more questions. Here are a few, with a follow up question on some:

Is traditional archery where your bow is made only of wood? If so, what about the composite bow? It has been in use for over two thousand years ago surely that is old enough to be called traditional.

Is traditional archery when you only use a long bow?

The recurve design is also over 2,000 years old, does that not make it a traditional design?

Does the long bow have to be a “D” shaped bow only?

How about the…

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