Gear Review: Samick Polaris Takedown Recurve

Great review and have to agree that it is a good first / entry level bow for the beginner.

The Archer is a Girl

I’ve had the chance to shoot a lot of starter bows now. And even one fancy Olympic Recurve. This blog isn’t really about gear reviews. But I want to review the equipment that we use as an archery family. So I decided to start with my own bow.


Let’s get a few things straight right out of the box. Let’s talk about what the Samick is not.

The Samick Polaris is not an Olympic Recurve bow. Yes, it has spaces drilled in the riser for a plunger, sight, and stabilizers. But I haven’t found a plunger yet that will work because of the thickness of the wooden riser. Other Samick owners have told me the same thing. It is not an ILF bow, so you can only use limbs specifically made by Samick for the Polaris. Luckily, these are easy to get and relatively inexpensive at the moment, but you…

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