String Wax -My two scents.

Cheers for this. Good to see other archers post practical and realistic reviews.

Scrapyard Archery

Yeah, yeah, terrible pun, but it needed doing.

There’s a lot out there about waxing your bow string (not a euphemism). I favour the apply wax, rub in with fingers, remove excess with a loop of thread method.

(I can add to the pile of internet stuff out there about this if anyone wants)

There’s also a lot of debate about how often you should wax your string(s). Some say every time you shoot, some say every week, some say every 3 months etc etc.

Me? I go with “wax it when it doesn’t feel like there’s wax on it anymore.”

I picked up some new wax the other day, Flex Archery’s Sense & Feel wax. As the old Bearpaw stuff I’ve been using for a while was running out.

IMAG0082This wax is scented (hence the pun in the title) and depending on the scent you pick coloured differently. I…

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