Good tip with using the old screw to help remove the broken nock. I’ve used the same technique and it works well.

Scrapyard Archery

One problem associated with tightening groups is nock damage.

As you can see in the below picture, sometimes they get pretty much destroyed. This leaves very little to get a grip on when trying to remove them.


All hope is not lost, however. As you can see from the closeup on the left, there is a small hole in the middle of the nock. Take a fine screw and screw it into this hole a little way (far enough to be secure). I used a guitar pickup screw as these tend to be very slim.


This gives you a more secure point of contact to pull on compared to the remainder of the nock itself, effectively using the screw like a corkscrew. Grab your pliers and give it a tug, the nock should come free fairly easily.


All that remains is to inset the replacement nock, and turn to the…

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