Shoot report – Lyme Valley – March 2015

Lyme Valley

Lyme Valley 2015

Lyme Valley is one of our favourite shoots, but getting there was a pain this year with motorway traffic and some very inconsiderate driving which nearly saw us in an accident. Fortunately we escaped, though the car didn’t as we now have a sizable chip in the windscreen, but could have been much worse.

As its name suggests Lyme Valley club’s ground are situated in a steep sided, narrow valley not far from Stoke on Trent. You can read a previous shoot report here.

First Target of the day

First Target of the day – very small at this distance

The course was a mix of 3d and paper faces with 36 targets in all. Our group besides Sharon and myself would be made up of Mark, David and Wendy all shooting longbows.

Mark drawing arrows from our first target

Mark drawing arrows from our first target

Thankfully the weather was dry and mild as Lyme Valley paths can  be very slippery when wet. (Treacherous is a phrase that has been used in the past )
As it was it felt a very long day, possibly because it was a challenging course which meant more second and third arrows by those present. We were waiting on nearly all the pegs for the group in front to finish because they had been delayed. I think the delays were all along the course which  meant that the day didn’t feel like it flowed.

Another 3D target

Another 3D target – Grizzly Bear

Due to the geography of the grounds Lyme Valley have a lunch break at 12:30 and as luck would have it were at the opposite end of the wood when it started which made for a long walk out for lunch and an equally long walk back for the restart.
I think a few strategically placed bosses would have saved a few broken arrows and might have speeded the day up.

Sharon shooting a small 3D deer

Sharon shooting a small 3D deer

There were some nicely set targets, with a couple in the field which made for a bit of variety.
There were quite a few shots framed between the trees which many archers struggled with not just me. Most notably the large cobra which was a talking point for many.

As luck would have it we both came back with all our arrows but I know several people didn’t. Though Sharon didn’t feel she shot well she won ladies hunting tackle. I’m still struggling with the flat bow though and need to get my head and heart sorted.

3D fish was our last target of the day.

3D fish was our last target of the day.

Due to traffic and road works on the motorway it proved a long, slow drive home but fortunately with less idiotic driving by fellow road users.
Thanks for reading.

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