Shoot Report – Hawk Archers – July 2015

Hawks parking

Hawks parking

Hi all, it seems like ages since I wrote a shoot report so here goes.
Last Sunday saw us heading to South Wales for Hawk Archers shoot (here are links to the 2 shoot reports 2014, 2013 if you fancy a read)
I am amazed that not more people make the journey to this shoot, as it is one of the best set, challenging courses on the NFAS circuit. It offers the archers the opportunity to shoot in beautiful woodland and shots seldom seen elsewhere on the circuit, like 20-40 yard up or downhill targets. This little hidden gem of a course in the Welsh country side is well worth tracking down.
Hawk - uphill 3D deer

Hawk – uphill 3D deer

At Hawk’s grounds they have ample parking spaces in a field a short stroll from administration and unlike some grounds the field was bone dry so you weren’t slipping and sliding trying to park up.
first target of the day - hessian

first target of the day – hessian

On Sunday we would be joined by Scott and Lisa-Marie from Druids to shoot round Hawks course.

Shoot group

Shoot group

So our group would be three flatbow and Sharon on hunting tackle. We had a great laugh and despite  a brief shower just before lunch an otherwise dry and warm day.
3D Deer in the sun

3D Deer in the sun

Considering there were I think 5 people who set this 36 target course it was an amazing achievement. Sadly the club recently lost one of its members to cancer and for this reason they ran a collection in aid of the Sue Ryder fund. The course was comprised of 36 targets, mostly 3d targets with a few paper and hessian targets.

3D Bedded antelope

3D Bedded antelope

One great shot was the double predator prey, where you had to hit both predators before you could take a shot at the prey. I managed only two of the predators so never got to try my hand at the deer.

Sharon studying a shot between the trees

Sharon studying a shot between the trees

Speaking to a couple of archers at other shoots and I mention I’m going to Hawk Archers their response has been “tough shoot or stretched targets.” I feel this is a little unfair, Hawk is a great course to test you and your archery skills. They have well set targets that will have you reaching for your second arrow because you misjudged the distance or misread the ground and not because the target is stretched. The other thing is the atmosphere at the shoot is always relaxed and friendly.
I think Sundays course was one of the best courses I’ve shot there and great fun. Despite Sharon feeling she shot badly she came away with a first place in ladies Hunting Tackle with a very respectable 492, by some miracle I managed 546 which got me a first place in American flat bow.

Thanks for reading.

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