Message to all readers and followers – Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Just wanted to say thank you to all the followers and readers of this blog. I’ve been quite humbled over recent months when archers at shoots have come up to me and say “Are you Rob? I read your blog
Or as was the case a few days ago I received a a lovely email saying thank you for all the work that goes into writing the articles and editing the photos. So thanks, it’s great to know that people find my ramblings enjoyable and useful.
I will apologise to all of you if I don’t have the time at shoots to chat at length but please know I’m really grateful. I felt quite guilty at the Paget de Vasey shoot when in the food que the person next to me said he read the blog and got into field archery because of it. I would have loved to chat further but has to take Sharon her drink or I’d have been in real trouble.
Thank you all for reading and contributions.

One comment on “Message to all readers and followers – Thank you

  1. You have a lovely way about you ,and you are very approachable Rob .So Its no surprise to me that people come up to talk with you about your blog

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