Archery club targeted by thefts 

I have some sad news for the archery community in the UK.

Magna Carta hosted its April Open last weekend and had some 3Ds stolen.

From what I understand most of the 3D’s where brand new for that shoot so keep an eye out for any slightly used 3D’s.

10 targets in total.

Small croc, bear on all fours, badger, howling coyote, raccoon,running javelina, small hedgehog and a grazing dappled deer.

Each one had a number in black marker on base. 28,29,30,35,36,37,2,4 and 27 respectively. The bear was 36.

This was one of them Imago sitting bear and is pretty unusual.

Here’s hoping the thieves are caught and 3Ds recovered. Please keep an eye out for the items. Also check the security at your own clubs too.
Thanks for reading.

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