Mental training – Positivity

Some really sound advice here for all archers and finished off with an excellent quote from Winston Churchill. Great writing

Archery Ponderings

It is sometimes hard to stay positive, even for the chirpiest of chirpy people. Negative issues are a challenge that every one will experience. No matter if you are an average archer or a top achiever.

The one big, BIG thing that we must remember is the power of our sub-conscious mind and how our brains react to certain words.

Example: In your mind, or even worse – aloud, you say that you don’t want to shoot an eight. And a few shots further you do. And you complain verbally about it. NEVER, EVER DO THAT! Your brain focus on the action of the message, and that action is “SHOOT A EIGHT”. The “don’t” is not considered. Your brain and sub-conscious mind respond and follow your orders by shooting an eight. This means we have to ‘program’ our brains in a positive way.

So, you have shot a bad arrow…

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One comment on “Mental training – Positivity

  1. I was once told by my old archery coach . archery as nothing to do with shooting a bow and arrow . Rob your last article about mental preparation proves my old coach was right after all

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