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New bow style – example of people power

I’m typing this up half watching the snow fall in giant flakes outside, and on a skiing holiday and half looking at the screen. It seems holidays are only time I have at present to catch up with my writing.

Anyway onto topic for today. Some of you may remember that a few months back I wrote an article on a proposal that was going forward to the NFAS on an new bow style “Traditional Bow hunter”. I’ve added a link to the article here.

Well the results are in from the members vote, drum roll please … it has been accepted and will become active from the 1st of April from what I understand.
I know the proposers have come under some flack from some other archers for the idea, with comments ranging from “just wanting a new class so they can win medals“, or “why can’t they just shoot under bare bow“. Some of you may have read Grizzly Jims posts on Facebook and Tumblr on the subject.
Whether you area fan of the new style or dislike the idea of another style is not the key point I want to highlight.
I feel that the most important factor is that the society has actively demonstrated democracy in action. It is very easy to have a pop at organisers of a shoot or the society committee, but where the NFAS are concerned they are all, the organisers at local shoots and committee are volunteers, unpaid volunteers.
In this incidence we have seen a group of members, get together with an idea. They followed all the processes of documenting and put it forward as a proposal. The idea was published in the society magazine and at the society’s Annual General meeting people had the opportunity to voice ideas and thoughts, along with on the Facebook group and web-boards. It this was then opened to the society members to vote on it. The members voted and the results in this case a new bow class.
This is democracy in action. The members put it forward, the members voted.
So congratulations to those that took the time to actively participate and thanks to the society organising committee for their efforts.
Oh and if you are curious, I’m not looking at changing to this over American flat bow.
Thanks for reading.

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