Another archery club targeted by thieves

Some of you may have seen my tweet that Centaura Bowmen archery club outside Derby has been added to the list of clubs targeted by thieves. Here are the details that I know of and taken from the NFAS Facebook group.

Facebook notice of thefts

Facebook notice of thefts

Over the past few months I’ve heard of a number of clubs that have been hit, whether by thefts, trespass or vandalism.

So what can we do?

  • We can all keep an eye out for suspicious characters at our clubs or woods.
  • Cultivate links with other local clubs and groups, so you can share news and alerts.
  • We can be careful how we promote the clubs locations on public websites.
  • Securing the huts, sheds etc seems like common sense, but having been a victim of thieves I know that simply putting a lock on the door is not always enough. When we were last broken into they got past the lock and quality padlock by forcing panels out of the door.
  • Think about marking your equipment with club name, or branding the 3Ds with club name is something I know a few clubs have done. You could invest in smart water option too for the more expensive items.
  • If we see deals that appear too good to be true on sites like eBay or offered locally, be suspicious.
  • I know some clubs have invested in security systems, whether these be alarms or cameras. Inexpensive trail cameras, the sort used for wildlife monitoring can prove an effective way of monitoring who actually visits your woodland. If you do use these, you have to post signs stating CCTV is in use.
Try a search for  digital game / trail / hunting cameras and you’ll find them.
I have one such camera VWTech 720p / 8MP low light visions – this captures both still images or video depending on what I set. It’s an old model now but has worked pretty well for me over the years.
Here are a few examples of what it captures, both day and night.
Pretty clear image of badger at night with trail cam

Pretty clear image of badger at night with trail cam

Fox in daylight with trail cam

Fox in daylight with trail cam

Fox by night with trail cam

Fox by night with trail cam

Most if not all will display a time and date of the visitor too.
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