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Whats your top 3

I’m calling all the archery coaches and instructors out there for your input please.

If you coach complete beginners or nationals champions, traditional archer or Olympic recurve. I’m trying to compile some coaching materials on two main topics, one being the most common faults you encounter and the other being areas of improvement you target with your students.

So can I ask you, what you think are the 3 top or most common faults that you encounter when coaching archers?

Maybe you think its’ stance, or release? What about consistency in anchor?

Secondly what are the top 3 things that you think make the greatest impact on improving someone you are coaching?

Likewise this might be associated with shot sequence or simply slowing down? What about equipment and tuning?

The list is endless and I’m looking forward to hearing your input

Thanks for reading.

2 comments on “Whats your top 3

  1. I’m a NFAS coach.

    Top three most common faults

    1. Preconceptions of archery tainting their initial training experience.
    2. Teaching posture, because most people tend to have bad posture. This is so important in finding their own form.
    3. Finding the fun. Those who do tend to stay.

    The greatest impact on improving someone.
    1. Accurate and consistent instructor.
    2. Correct humour.
    3. Personal space and time given.

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    • Thanks for the input Gus.
      Preconceptions are an issue with many who trawl different YouTube channels and can get wrong impression and something I was planning in posting about.


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