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Sorry guys, I have been a bit swamped with real life stuff recently and been neglecting this site and the followers / readers.

Just so you know I have a few articles in the pipeline and I thought I would give you a quick heads-up.

  • Inspired by some other archers and blogs I am going to be repairing some 3D targets the club recently purchased and are seeing signs of wear and tear. Along with reviewing the actual targets.

3D Repairs

  • I’ve been helping a few people recently with target panic so plan to put some of this material out there too for archers. Hopefully it will be of use and will be spread over a couple of posts.
  • A few months back I asked for the top 3 tips for improvements and top 3 newbie problems which is going to be split into a couple of articles one on problems one on improvements.
  • Since I shot the NFAS National Championships this year with a camera and not a bow I thought I might do a behind the scenes shoot report for it. You can see some of the photos on the NFAS website
  • I’m doing a lot of coaching at present so if readers would like something on this front let me know. There will probably be a review of the Core takedown recurve bow which we’ve been using.

I think that covers everything. Thanks for reading.

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