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Article for Archery Topic site

I was recently asked to contribute to to an article by Robert Gate, Co-founder of Archery Topic.
Several well known supporters and writers contributed their thoughts and time to this which focused on top tips for beginners. You can read the full article on their site and I have included a link.
Its interesting to see how many trainers or coaches recommend focus on shooting form as a first step.
I have to say I feel quite honoured to be asked my views and for input.
Thanks for reading.
P.S. I’m still compiling my own version of this and thanks to those who have contributed so far. Yes Gus that includes you 😁

Bow International magazine (Issue 132)

Couple of interest articles in the latest issue of Bow International magazine (Issue 132)

Bow International magazine (Issue 132) – Arrows

One by Adrian Tippins provides some guidance on and advice on arrow selection for beginners to professional. It doesn’t cover wooden arrows but does give some general advice on what to consider and to look out for.
The other article might be of interest to those curious about arrows from the Middle Ages . Written by Jan D Sachers I think is the first part 1 of what I guess will be a series of articles.

Bow International magazine (Issue 132) Middle Ages article

I’m quite looking forward to reading the next part.
Thanks for reading.