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Whats your top 3

I’m calling all the archery coaches and instructors out there for your input please.

If you coach complete beginners or nationals champions, traditional archer or Olympic recurve. I’m trying to compile some coaching materials on two main topics, one being the most common faults you encounter and the other being areas of improvement you target with your students.

So can I ask you, what you think are the 3 top or most common faults that you encounter when coaching archers?

Maybe you think its’ stance, or release? What about consistency in anchor?

Secondly what are the top 3 things that you think make the greatest impact on improving someone you are coaching?

Likewise this might be associated with shot sequence or simply slowing down? What about equipment and tuning?

The list is endless and I’m looking forward to hearing your input

Thanks for reading.

First coaching experience

Well Wednesday saw my first official foray into NFAS coaching.

Bit nerve racking as I realised I had to try and remember everything, as well as needing to think how not only to observe the student without putting them off but to also explain what they needed to do to improve.

I have another session on Saturday with the same person and now have a few things to work on with them. It seemed to go ok though.

For this student I need to take small steps, changing just 1 or 2 things at once, though they are very responsive and are already aware of an improvement in their form.

Fingers crossed and with some work I might be able to have them signed off by Christmas.

I’ve started to keep a record of the coaching sessions for myself that way I can look back and check progress of the student and my own benefit

I really do think that the 1-2-1 approach is a way to go. I can get greater benefit for the student as I can spend 2 hours at least with them

I was able to shoot round the course (20 targets) with them after spending sometime at the practise bosses

The advantage I have is the club is quite small so we are unlikely to pick up huge numbers of newbie archers