House packing verses Olympic archery

I am finding it very hard to pack in readiness for our house move with the Olympic archery on 🙂

The BBC are giving great coverage to the games and even though I shoot field and not target archery as being shown on the TV it is great to see the greater hobby having this kind of coverage.

The other thing is it has been fantastic watching the team events and now individual rounds. The weather played a part yesterday with some very heavy rain showers and then bright sunshine.

Sadly Team GB haven’t done too well so far.

Good luck to all and thanks for reading.

London 2012: Olympics

I’m not someone who gets very excited about the summer olympics.  Never been that into summer sports, other than watching rugby. Think that is due to never being fit / well enough at school to do any form of sports. Having said that I do appreciate the amount of work involved in getting to a level to compete.

I tend to  prefer the winter olympics personnally as I’m a keen skier, but I thought I would share this link as I know there are a few people who read this blog who enjoy target archery too.

The link is to a news story on the BBC website concerning an olympic archer Amy Oliver who has just made it to the Great Britain team. Unlike me she started very young in the sport and their is a long history of archery  in her family.

Congrats to her for getting into the team and her family, also to all the other archers representing their respective countries in this years olympics.

Good Luck and hope you can shoot in the rain as we seem to be getting a lot of it at present.