A few from the bookshelf

Home isolation opportunities

With the general public becoming increasingly concerned about COVID-19 and most if not all archery clubs suspending there open shoots or club activities its leaving many wondering what to do.

This time does offer us the opportunity to catch up on some reading or YouTube videos, so I’ve put this list together of books ive found useful. I’ll be posting a list specifically on target panic in the next couple of days.

By the way these aren’t in any order

Literature review – Shooting the Stickbow I think the best all round book for archers.

Literature Review – Idiot Proof Archery-How to Shoot Like a Pro

Literature review – Beginner’s guide to traditional archery great book and one of my favourites.

Not archery related but a great couple of books to read.

Literature Review – My Outdoor Life by Ray Mears

Literature review – How to survive by John Hudson



Thanks for reading and stay safe.

A few from the bookshelf

Sponsorship, freebies etc

I was recently asked at a shoot whether I’m sponsored by any archery retailers or suppliers, when it comes to getting hands on books or equipment for my reviews.

The simple answer to this is no, I’m not sponsored by anyone or linked to any company.
As many of you know I’m a registered NFAS coach and a member of a couple of archery clubs but that is all. I don’t work for an archery company, though I do occasionally write for Bow International.

Bow international

I have occasionally been given products to review and I’m happy to do this, but it is on the understanding that it is a fair and honest review based on my experience and not a promotional piece.
When I have written equipment reviews for items I’ve been given, I will submit the review to the supplier, for feedback and comment. This has meant that on a couple of occasions I’ve pulled a review. I feel very strongly that any review I give is as fair as it can be, based on my experiences or observations. I would like to thank those suppliers who have been good enough and open enough to offer their equipment for my perspective.
Most of the time though I’ve just bought the book or item myself out of my own pocket, reading it, trying the techniques, testing it, sometimes to destruction. This is why I don’t get to write many reviews as I do take my time trying stuff out and limited funds.
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Thanks for reading.