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Volunteers in our archery clubs and societies – thank you

As many clubs ready themselves for the relaxing of COVID restrictions I wanted to offer an observation.

Volunteers help run most of our archery clubs and societies in the UK and no doubt overseas. From setting the targets on our course to running coaching sessions, from local admin at your clubs to coordinating the national society. They are aren’t paid employees, but volunteers wanting to put something back into the hobby.

We are all very fortunate to have individuals who are willing and able to give up their free time to help others.

It’s true that these volunteers may get their expenses paid but more often they refuse to ensure the funds can remain in the club or organisation. They aren’t paid employees, working 9-5. They are doing this on top of all their other commitments.

The vast majority of you know this, but not all may realise the amount of work involved in these different activities. Running a coaching session may take 3-4 hours on the day, but that won’t include the preparation required beforehand and afterwards, checking equipment, sorting, repairing etc. A club chair or secretary might spend a few hours a week sorting budgets, processing membership or booking for shoots.

Any of you who have been involved with setting courses we get to shoot will know the time and work involved in scouting shots, clearing paths, settings bosses, then buying and pasting up target faces so you have something to shoot.

Many will give up days of their limited annual leave entitlements to set courses or help organising for local or national championships.

So, I ask you all to consider this next time you send an email and don’t get a reply back in the same day, or your enquiry takes a few days to process. They are all volunteers, probably have full time jobs to support their families, maybe they are on holiday or unwell. They aren’t ignoring you.  When you hear someone complain or a post commenting on how long it takes to do something, maybe the individuals not aware of that these organisers are volunteers.

Thanks for reading and stay safe.