Compound bow riser snaps

broken bow

Compound bow snap

Anyone ever seen or heard of this happening?
A Bowtech compound bow riser, not limb, but the metal riser snapped when the archer was at full draw. This happened at our club open shoot yesterday, in fine dry warm weather. The archer had shot about half of the course and was drawing up on her next target when bang. You can see from the above photo how the metal has deformed.
Close up

Close up of the metal

Thankfully the archer wasn’t seriously injured, though she has extensive bruising to her face from the limb and cam hitting her. It could have been much worse. She could have easily lost an eye or been knocked unconscious.

I know everyone at the shoot would like to wish her a speedy recovery. 

Thanks for reading.

bit nervous about weekend

So why am I a bit nervous about weekend?

Well I am hoping to be able to shoot for the first time since before Easter, but not sure if shoulder will cope. I managed to trap a nerve in my shoulder whilst digging in the garden which resulted in a lot of pain and discomfort, including lack of sleep.

It has aggravated an old problem I had a few years back following a car accident. I’ve been having physiotherapy and have built up to this weekend by shooting my 20lb practice coaching bow but still nervous.

Will let you all know how I get on. Thank for reading