Briar Rose Field Archers inaugural NFAS shoot

I wanted to raise the awareness of this event as it is Briar Rose Field Archers inaugural NFAS shoot on the 21st of July.
It will be a twice round 20 targets of a mix of 3D 2D and paper face. Crossbows welcome and there will be catering available.
Sadly they can’t have dogs on site.
More details can be found either on the Facebook page ( or club website (
For booking please email
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What is Field Archery?

Sharon Shooting off the tree stump at 3d

Sharon Shooting off the tree stump at 3d

A few months ago I received an email from a reader asking what actually happens on a field course, how they are organised, rules for scoring etc.
So I thought I might update one of the pages on the blog “What is Field Archery
First view from Red peg

Consider the tree cover and branches

It details the scoring of the NFAS Big game round (probably the most popular competition scoring rounds in the NFAS), along with what you can expect on a course and how the different shooting pegs work for different age ranges.
Hope it is of interest to people even if you don’t shoot NFAS
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