Achery Adventures video – left and right feathers

A friend recently posted a link on their Facebook page liking this site Archery Adventures  so I thought I’d have a look at their YouTube site  The site has a collection of videos on different topics, including tips, equipment reviews, etc. I haven’t watched all the videos,  but one of the videos they have is on identifying left and right wing feather fletchings.
Great idea and something I sometimes get asked by students along with, why it matters?
Well you want the same wing right or left on the 3 fletchings as they each have a natural slight curve which causes spin in the arrow resulting in stabilising it’s flight. If you have say two right and one left then the air flow isn’t even and you can have an issue with the arrow not stabilising in flight.
Check out the site and let me or them know what you think.
Thanks for reading.