AAE Elite Adjustable Finger Spacer

Good write up again and something I might look into myself.

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Some months ago I purchased AAE’s Elite Adjustable Finger Spacer for my AAE Cavalier tab.

AAE Elite spacer

This was prompted because after prolonged shooting I would have some soreness behind the first digit of my index finger where my finger was in contact with the hard outside edge of the standard spacer. Maybe a form issue however it made me check into spacer options.

The Adjustable Finger Spacer kit comes with an aluminum spacer, a soft rubber band that fits over the spacer, a fastener and a flexible, 3 x 3 inch, flat, plastic square.

Soft rubber band for Adjustable Spacer

When I opened the package I was surprised that only a single screw was supplied as the standard spacer uses two. I wondered if this would make for a secure fit or if the spacer would roam on the tab surface.

I also had no idea what the flat plastic square was for. There were no instructions in my package that clarified this.

Off came the old spacer and I…

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Time to change, I hope

When I first started writing this entry a couple of weeks ago, the view out of the window was showing snow on the hillsides, and British summer time had officially started. This got me to thinking about change over of kit in my quiver and belt pouches.

A while back I wrote an entry  that some of you may have read (Bow, arrows and kitchen sink …..what do you carry with you on a field shoot) about what I carry in general. (This was later published in the NFAS magazine)

In winter months I tend to load up with snack bars, gloves, thermos mug with a hot drink in and disposable hand warmers.

Summer months I tend to replace the flask with a cold drink, the hand warmers are replaced with insect repellent or on very rare occasions suncream (yeah I know, like we need that in Great Britain but you can be surprised some times) and a pack-a-mac on my belt in case of summer showers.

The warm hat is replaced with a canvas hat to keep the sun off my eyes.

First aid kit and spare arrow tube

First aid kit and spare arrows in arrow tube

I always carry a small first aid kit just in case, this being whether I am shooting, marshaling or just coaching.

The other thing I have started to do is not wear my reactive glasses. May sound strange to not wear glasses that go darker in the bright light of summer but I’ve found it sometimes to be a hindrance as they can darken at the wrong moment, they can also make it hard to see targets in shade.

So what do you carry?

Do you have a winter set of gear and a summer set?

Thanks for reading.