Thermal mug by lifeventure

Equipment Review – Thermos Mug

Thermal mug by lifeventure

Thermal mug by lifeventure

Very quick equipment review to start the new year, on something I hope will help keep you warm on those cold winter shoots. Thermal mug by Lifeventure, we got ours from Cotwolds outdoor shot
A warm drink in a small thermos flask will serve you well to lift your spirits on a cold day and an be used in summer months to keep a drink cold.
These are small enough to fit in the water bottle holder (65 x 65 x 160mm) on our quivers holding 300ml of liquid. There are relatively inexpensive and there are other manufacturers who produce similar products. One thing I would suggest is avoiding those that come with handles as they are a bit harder to carry on a quiver belt.
We’ve been using these for a few years and found they have worked well for us and keep the drink hot for a few hours about 3-4 hours. In fact I use one for travelling into work and found it good for keeping the coffee warm while waiting on the train station.
Thermos mug

Thermos mug seal

They are pretty robust which is good as I’ve dropped the one I use foe work more than once and have a sizeable dent in the bottom, but still works. The are  made of stainless steel and of course have an insulated wall, being pretty watertight with a seal on the lid.
 I tend to have a flask with hot fruit cordial on my belt and a larger flask of spicy soup in the car when it is really cold. The advantage of having a fruit cordial is if it goes cold its still drinkable unlike cold coffee or tea.
Overall 7/10 would be good if they could keep content warm for longer but still not bad for the money. For some more advice on staying warm in the winter have a read of my earlier post here.
Thanks for reading.

Time to change, I hope

When I first started writing this entry a couple of weeks ago, the view out of the window was showing snow on the hillsides, and British summer time had officially started. This got me to thinking about change over of kit in my quiver and belt pouches.

A while back I wrote an entry  that some of you may have read (Bow, arrows and kitchen sink …..what do you carry with you on a field shoot) about what I carry in general. (This was later published in the NFAS magazine)

In winter months I tend to load up with snack bars, gloves, thermos mug with a hot drink in and disposable hand warmers.

Summer months I tend to replace the flask with a cold drink, the hand warmers are replaced with insect repellent or on very rare occasions suncream (yeah I know, like we need that in Great Britain but you can be surprised some times) and a pack-a-mac on my belt in case of summer showers.

The warm hat is replaced with a canvas hat to keep the sun off my eyes.

First aid kit and spare arrow tube

First aid kit and spare arrows in arrow tube

I always carry a small first aid kit just in case, this being whether I am shooting, marshaling or just coaching.

The other thing I have started to do is not wear my reactive glasses. May sound strange to not wear glasses that go darker in the bright light of summer but I’ve found it sometimes to be a hindrance as they can darken at the wrong moment, they can also make it hard to see targets in shade.

So what do you carry?

Do you have a winter set of gear and a summer set?

Thanks for reading.