The Tradlab and the Push podcasts

The Tradlab

Some of you will remember me writing an article on The Push podcasts and how useful I have found some of their coaching material. I’ve continued to listen to them and wanted to share a development on a series of podcasts focusing on arrows and the work the Cody Greenwood has been doing at the TradLab (
Specific details can be found here ( under the Tradlab Studies section of website.
Whilst the data can come across as pretty technical the podcasts are well worth a listen. The main take home being give some more thought to your fletching sizes and configurations. I have found the aspect of fletching size very interesting as I have been playing around with the different options and combinations myself, though not tried 4 fletch.
Have a listen and let me know what you think.
Thanks for reading.

The hardest lessons to learn in archery are…

I’ve had a great response to my question “What they feel is the hardest lesson to learn?” and for that I would like to thank all my followers and readers for their input.
I know that there are many people out there that will have your own opinion on what they feel is the hardest lesson to learn,but based on the responses, there are a few things coming up time and time again.
  • Aiming or rather, how do you aim whether you are a gap shooter or instinctive archer?
  • Stance and footing on a field shoot, where you might not be on level ground.
  • Coupled with aiming is distance judgement, which can be especially tough on a well set field course, where the course layer has used every trick inthe book to fool you.
  • I think the biggest one though has to be drawing down or coming down when you’ve drawn up on a target but feel you have to release, even though you know something is wrong.
  • I’m also working on a post about the importance of arrow weights and importance of not shooting too light an arrow.
  • Over bowing, being to identify when you are shooting too heavy a draw weight bow.
My hope is to create a post on each of these topics in the next few weeks.
I’m planning on covering aiming in a future article but for those interested check out one of the recent coaching podcasts from the guys at The Push, which covers instinctive and gap aiming.
Thanks for reading.