After a storm

Those of you who read this site and live in the UK will know that a few days ago the country was hit by Storm Arwen. This brought storm force winds and heavy snow to some areas, resulting in thousands of homes losing power for several days, some of these are still without power 5 days later. This was the first winter storm to hit the UK.

So what does this have to do with an archery? 
The impact of the storm on woodland has been dramatic to some clubs like The Redoubtables, who have seen countless trees uprooted, branches down and their course devastated. These are the obvious impacts from such storms, the less obvious issues such storms bring are the broken branches hung up in trees.

An example can be seen in the brief recording below I made when checking our field course. 

I hope it goes some way to demonstrate how important it is to check your field courses for safety . It’s very easy to focus on the things in front of you, paths, trip hazards etc., but it is equally important to look upwards.

The second recording is more of a stroll round and hopefully provides you with an idea of the woodland we use. 

If you check out my YouTube channel you will see a few recordings I’ve taken over the months.
Thanks for reading and viewing.