Youtube videos by Wolfie Instinctive Archer worth a view

Some of you may have heard of a mate of mine and fellow archer Wolfie Instinctive Archer.

Wolfie runs a video blog  (when not developing his acting career) on youtube ( which is well worth a visit, and has a variety of reviews of equipment from bows to quivers and tips on shooting (one posting I’ve linked to in the past is Longlife Squirrel Blitz…)

I was talking to him at last weekends Hawk shoot (Shoot report to follow, sorry all been a bit busy this week) about a couple of recent purchases from Cupido  bows and how impressed he has been by their build quality and performance.

Well Wolfie has done a couple of video reviews recently on these  bows that I thought I might share. This is a link to his youtube channel and skip down the play list to the  Scythian Longbow by Cupido bows.

Please note I have no commercial connection to Cupido  bows or Pierre, but if you want to contact them here is Pierres details Pierre de Wet ( Pierres hasn’t got a website up and running yet but hopes to have soon. There is a Facebook page for Cupido bows (

As always thanks for reading and I’ll try and get the Hawk shoot report up this weekend.